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LinkedIn social selling fundamentals

Welcome to our crash course on LinkedIn social selling. We launched this course together with our partner ELITExMentor. It's for everyone who wants to improve their LinkedIn presence, expand their network and generate more leads without spamming. We recommend that you use the below workbook designed by us specifically for this course. The featured exercises will allow you to make the most out of the course. Let's go!


How to build an authentic personal brand

The modern sales process has shifted from the Age of the Seller to the Age of the Customer. Being authentic is the new currency. Your personal “Why” is so important to develop your own voice on LinkedIn. Do you want to stop hiding behind your company's brand? Watch this episode to learn about the foundations of personal branding.

Exercise 1

Simon Sinek's Why: Define your purpose, core values, skills & strengths as a basis of your personal brand.


3 neuromarketing principles for your LinkedIn profile success

Discover 3 strategies that will help you develop a killer LinkedIn profile. When you optimise your profile, think about the following neuromarketing principles: relevance, social proof & sense of urgency. Relevance is only possible when you know your target audience and their pain points. Social proof is essential to show how you support your claims. Sense of urgency will persuade your prospects to act now. Learn how to integrate these principles in this episode.

Exercises 2-4

Fill in a LinkedIn profile checklist, improve your headline & summary section and check the best practices.  


Content Creation: How to overcome your blocks

Curious how to to build a winning content strategy on LinkedIn? In this episode, we focus on the most common reasons why people do not post consistently on LinkedIn. If you don't know what to post or you don't know where to start, we will provide you with the tools and frameworks to break these blocks and start creating engaging content on LinkedIn.


Smart prospecting to bypass new LinkedIn invitation limit

Do you want to know where to start if you want to prospect smart, and not hard? 90% of C-level executives say they never reply to impersonal B2B sales. Generic automation that can feel spammy and outdated techniques like information gating increase the distance between buyers and sellers. You need to move from a “transactional” strategy to a “buyer first” strategy. Learn how to get to know your buyer inside out, prioritize your list based on buyer intent and personalise your outreach in this episode.


5 strategies to make the LinkedIn algorithm your friend

Learn how to understand the LinkedIn algorithm and use it in your favour to make sure your content is visible and well distributed. For example,  LinkedIn is a social network that wants to keep you on the platform as long as possible to drive its revenue goals. In order to make sure that the algorithm picks your content up, you need to avoid taking users outside of LinkedIn and encourage passive engagement with your posts (a high dwell time). Learn about 4 other core principles that drive the LinkedIn algorithm in this episode.

Exercises 5-6

In order to stay on track, you need to set up the right goals and routines. In the workbook, you will find some great templates that will help you develop a sound plan.


Buyer First selling. Why start now?

It’s time to start sales conversations that solve a customer’s problem. Your best sales tool on LinkedIn is the meaningful connections you make and the human interactions you experience along the way. If your product or service solves a problem, fits a need, or transforms an industry, then you are in a good position to be great at social selling. Put your buyer first, put social before selling and you will nail it!

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